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Injury Management

Wellington Medical Centre offers Injury Management services to employees seeking medical attention following an injury by an occupational doctor.  As a preferred healthcare provider, our clients have same day rapid access to our clinic for assessment and treatment services.  Our clinic staff and physicians are familiar with your work environment, and we work hard to avoid time loss, and return employees to productivity and their pre-injury job. Our injury management program provides same day access to treatment and expedited access to required medical services in Ontario and across Canada.

Disability Management

Wellington Medical Centre offers a comprehensive effective disability management program led by an occupational doctor that is proven to expedite a safe return to the workplace for employees.  Our integrated team of experienced Occupational Health Physicians along with our Disability Management professional and a Registered Nurse case management team, expedite the return to work process by working in collaboration.  The goal is always to achieve the best outcomes for our business partners – employers and insurance benefit providers, and their valued clients and employees. Our strategic return to work planning, best practices, innovative approach and team collaboration consistently exceed client expectations.  Employees are key stakeholders in the disability management process and every effort is made to prioritize and expedite health care to assist in their recovery, and return to productive work.

We believe in:

Early intervention in the case management process

Single point of contact with the case co-ordinator (Registered Nurse)

Consistent contact with all stakeholders- employee and employer

Best in class healthcare options for employees

Doctor to Doctor consultation

Prioritized access to healthcare

Preferred health care provider

Allied services in our Disability Management Program include Short Term Disability Management, WSIB Disability management, Ergonomic Assessments,  Physical Demands Analysis, Functional Ability Evaluations, Cognitive Demands Analysis, and Independent Medical Evaluations by a relevant specialty or discipline

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

Our Independent Medical Evaluations assist employers with disability management, early and safe return to work, and situations requiring objective medical information. IMEs can be arranged with general practitioners and specialists in locations across Canada.

Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE)

Functional Abilities screening assessment information can be used as an occupational health and management tool to establish a record of an applicant’s current level of health, fitness and physical capabilities for their job position. All reports are evaluated by an occupational doctor.

Medical File Reviews

Our experienced Occupational Health physicians carefully review all relevant objective medical to assist employers with disability management, SIEF, and OHSA.

Medical Surveillance Programs

Wellington Medical Centre offers customized medical surveillance programs to suit our client’s specific needs. Medical Surveillance is a preventative approach to screen and monitor an employee’s health for hazardous workplace exposures or tasks.

Drug & Alcohol Program

A Drug and Alcohol Program is available to employers for pre-employment, post incident/post accident, and reasonable suspicion and random testing.  We have a certified, licensed Medical Review Officer and Occupational doctor on staff.  Please contact our Client Services Team for further information.

Nursing Services

Wellington Medical Centre’s Registered Nurses can be placed on site to manage and coordinate work site care anywhere in Canada. We provide on-site Nursing services to the construction, industrial and mining sectors for permanent, contract and temporary positions.

Wellness Screening Clinics

The goal of our Wellness programs are to assist our clients by improving and promoting the health and productivity of your employees.  Our programs identify health risk factors, promote health education and empower clients resulting in health behaviour change and promotion of healthy lifestyle choices 

Wellington Medical Safety Group

The Wellington Medical Safety Group (WMSG) is a rebate incentive program that financially rewards success in safety. WMSG is the first doctor sponsored Safety Group under WSIB Prevention initiatives. WMSG has assisted employers to receive over 6 million dollars in rebates as they work towards safety compliance with legal and legislative requirements.  Please contact us for information on this rebate incentive program.  Make your safety program pay for itself.

Click here to view the WSIB Safety Group brochure.

Health and Safety Services

A healthier, safer workplace starts with prevention. Our mission is to provide quality health and safety leadership and loss control management to our clients. Wellington Medical Centre and our partner, Grand River Occupational Health & Safety provide accurate and relevant safety knowledge and sound advice and sustainable solutions, making us the provider of choice in the field of Occupational Health and Safety.

Additional Medical Services:




Bone Density

Cardiac Testing

Insurance Examinations

MTO Examinations

Marine Medical Examinations

Podiatry Services


Flu Shot Clinics/Immunizations

Med-Rehabilitation and Disability Management Services:

Ergonomic Assessments

Cognitive Demands Analysis

Physical Demands Analysis

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Physiotherapy/Massage Therapy/Chiropractic