Drug Testing

Drug testing at our facility is done by obtaining a urine specimen. Our standard test, called the 5 panel test, screens for opiates, marijuana, PCP, cocaine and amphetamines. Additional drugs can be added to this test upon request. This test can be conducted via a secured urine drug test, or a triage drug screen or point of care testing kit.  A triage/POCT drug test provides instant results, but is not legally defensible in court. A secured urine drug screen is legally defensible, and results are verified by a laboratory. Positive urine drug samples are reviewed by our Medical Review Officer, Dr. Joel Yellin.  A positive drug result will be discussed with your employee and our MRO to determine an action plan.  The action plan can be aligned with your company policy and all regulatory bodies.

Please note: It is imperative that all employers with drivers entering the USA have a Drug and Alcohol policy for their company that complies with both American requirements and Canadian legislation. Ask us how we can help.

Wellington Medical Centre are only performing pre-hire drug testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  No post-incident or suspicion testing available.

Alcohol Testing

The breath alcohol test (BAT) is conducted at the laboratory at the clinic. A positive BAT test will be discussed with the employee by our MRO and an action plan will be determined in conjunction with company policy and all regulatory bodies.

Please note, BAT testing is on hold during the pandemic due to COVID-19 protocols and masking.

Our Facility

  • WAW has a Medical Review Officer On Site, Dr. Joel Yellin MD, MRO
  • Our program is in compliance with the US Department of Transportation legislation
  • Our collectors are trained for Secured Urine Drug collection and Breath Alcohol collection
  • WAW provides drug and alcohol testing for all conditions. I.e. Random, Pre-Employment/Access, Reasonable Suspicion,  and Return to Duty
  • Our collection site is conveniently located at 414 Victoria Avenue North, Hamilton, ON
  • Employer designated representatives will be required to complete a Drug and Alcohol Requisition form, prior to sending their employee for testing. This form will be faxed by the employer designate to 905-667-1081

For more information please contact us at 905-529-7272 or kcote@wellingtonmedical.ca