Why an Executive Medical is Right for your Executive Team


  • medical keybaordProactive health care: prevention is key to optimum health
  • Improve your key employees satisfaction and engagement
  • Improve productivity
  • Empower employees to change unhealthy behaviours
  • Enables employees to be proactive about their health
  • Early detection
  • Expedited health care diagnostics
  • Time sensitive and convenient appointments for busy schedules
  • Conveniently located in Hamilton, Ontario (avoid the drive to the GTA)


Early detection is key

40% of Canadian adults have 1 or more of the following 7 chronic conditions:

Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic lung problems, Diabetes, Heart disease, Hypertension, and Mental Health

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Total Health Care Concierge Service

TOTAL Health Care membership is available to clients wishing medical support and services at the Executive level.

Episodic Medical Advice is available 24/7 by email directly to a physician by retained clients with an interest in TOTAL care.  A physician will provide support within 24 hours.

Access is available to retained clients with an interest in TOTAL care for:

Specialist Referral

Travel Medicine

Prescription Renewal

Patient Advocacy

Health Concern Consultations

Wellness and Fitness Services

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Services

*All clients who are residents of Ontario requesting TOTAL care please note, only uninsured services are billed to our clients.  Insured services will be billed to OHIP.

Contact [email protected] for details on this service.