Wellington Medical Centre’s Physician team and network of allied health professionals and clinicians assist employers nationally with making workplaces in all sectors safer, productive and more efficient.  Our long term valued clients are comprised of firms in the public sector and private sector including government, manufacturing, service, health care, construction, mining and industrial employers.

Our clients are our partners in success. Communication between our occupational doctor and your team is key to our service delivery.  Together, we work.

Workers from all walks of life


We have a complex multi-discipline/trade construction and manufacturing company.   We don’t have the time or ability to source services or navigate the WSIB, Safety and Medical landmines in Ontario.

One contact number for the Wellington Medical Centre Inc. gets us the one solution to all of our health and safety needs.  The one number gets us safety mentoring with the Wellington at Work Safety Group, worker’s medical treatments and help with the WSIB claim.  One contact, one solution! Simple, fast and perfect!

Ian Bergeron
Sayers and Associates

I have had the privilege of working with the staff of WMC for six years. WMC is a sponsor for the Wellington Medical Safety Group and it offers a great opportunity to small and large organization, independent of their current safety system development.  Dr. Greenspoon and his team have created a very open and honest forum, in which companies can meet and discuss current difficulties within their health and safety programs.  WSIB and MOL updates are presented and discussed at each meeting, and guest speakers present on a multitude of H&S related topics.

The Wellington Medical Center Occupational Group works great for a company on the go.  Quick access to health care for employees and functional abilities sent to the plant before the employee returns, making modified work arrangements much easier. WMC also conveniently houses an x-ray clinic, physio clinic, chiropractic office and a pharmacy.  Dr. Greenspoon and his team work hard to ensure employees have access to appropriate health care and assist the company in their claims management requirements.

Ron Harber
Health and Safety Manager
Oakrun Farm Bakery

Our company has been working with the Wellington Medical Centre / Wellington Medical Clinic for a number of years now and our experiences have been nothing short of excellent.  Dr. Greenspoon and his team have always provided us with first rate care and consideration.  Their consistent professionalism, client support and knowledge keeps us coming back.  We can always count on them to be there for our company and our workers.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their health care to the next level. 

Larry Rose, Vice President, Human Resources
Triple M Metal LP

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