Qualified and trained Nurses you can trust. Our Nurses provide fully integrated healthcare services at your workplace.

Full time, Part time and Casual Nursing in the Workplace

  • Nurses with experience in return to work planning to provide consistent liaison with employees
  • Nurses provide clinical perspective and support in injury management
  • Nurses can assist to enhance your disability management program
  • Nurses collaborate with physicians to monitor safe return to work plans
  • Nurses expedite diagnostic testing, and relevant medical appointments
  • Nurses develop and implement health promotion initiatives in your workplace
  • Nurses assist your team to navigate the healthcare system
  • Nurses provide medical surveillance examinations for designated substances
  • Nurses at your Construction project site, to assist contractors and owners to mitigate injuries and help to maintain a safe workplace

We provide Nursing Services across Canada to assist employers. Our goal is to be your Occupational Health provider of choice.

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