Health and Safety Excellence program

Why Join the Health and Safety Excellence Brochure

Now accepting applications. 
For details and fees contact [email protected]

 Wellington Medical Centre is a WSIB approved provider for the NEW Health and Safety Excellence program

This program is a performance-based rebate incentive program designed to assist employers to achieve excellence in Health and Safety.  This program model replaces the Safety Groups Program, WSIB Small Business and Workwell programs, and is the only rebate incentive program available under WSIB.

Guide to Joining – Small Business’

Guide to Joining – Medium to Large Businesses

Highlights of the HSEP

  • Emphasis on a flexible, self-directed online digital platform
  • Start small and grow your health and safety program
  • Work at your own pace, with a workload acceptable to you

How it Works

Complete your workplace assessment, develop an action plan and select one to five health and safety topics in a 12-month period

Register any time in the year

Develop your Health and Safety topic/s and submit evidence to your provider for review prior to validation by WSIB

Develop and Health and Safety program that meets minimum requirements with a path to excellence

Receive a financial rebate for completion and validation of your program topics. Non-financial recognition is posted on the WSIB website/Compass.

To Learn more or access the WSIB website/compass, visit

Financial Rebate

  1. Find your premiums on WSIB Compass
  2. Find your predictability on WSIB Compass
  3. Determine the number of safety topics you want to implement

Example:  Rebate Formula

$1,945,643- premium X 1.4% – predictability X3 topics = $81,717


For details and fees contact [email protected]