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Disability Management Services – Certified Ergonomist and Disability Management Consultant – Linda Meerveld

Worker Specific Assessments:

  • Ergonomic Assessments and/or Training for return to work cases regarding injuries or illnesses.
  • Independent Functional Work Capacity Assessments that are used to determine the suitability, with or without accommodations and/or strategies for a specific job and employee. The FWCA would compare a worker’s function or abilities to the demands of a specific job to ensure that all tasks can be safely accommodated. FWCAs are frequently associated with WSIB cases.
  • Job Demands Analysis: a systematic analysis of specific job for an individual employee.  The evaluation would include mobility, physical, cognitive and environmental demands to determine what the risk areas are for a job within a specific setting.

jury and Disability Trend Analysis

Company Specific Services:
  • Program Development: Help corporate leaders develop policies and procedures to control employee absences due to injuries and illnesses.
  • Job Demands Analysis: a systematic analysis of the job to not only consider joint movements, physical, cognitive, environmental demands, but also determine what the higher risk areas of the job are.
  • Physical Demands Analysis evaluation and summary, which is similar to the Job Demands Analysis, but would not include the psychological or cognitive factors of the job.
  • Conducting a trend analysis to track employee absences with or with controls in place
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