Nurse holding medical evaluation form

Disability costs in the workplace and the insurance industry continue to rise.   Managing disability is key to a successful risk management program. Wellington Medical Centre can assist employers and the insurance industry to reduce these direct and indirect costs.  Independent Medical Evaluations provide employers the answers they need in order to make informed business decisions, therefore reducing costs and managing disability.

What is an Independent Medical Evaluation? (IME)

  • An IME is a clinical examination and report by a physician, that is requested by a third party, employers, insurance companies, or can be used in a med-legal context

What is the value to clients in requesting an IME?

  • Ability to obtain third party objective medical opinions to assist to mitigate disability in their workplace
  • Employers can make decisions for safe workplace accommodation and return to work, by obtaining definitive diagnosis, prognosis and recommendations for their employees
  • Employers can take pro-active steps to mitigate rising costs of disability claims based on the IME recommendations.

How can Wellington Medical Centre assist you?    

  • Wellington Medical Centre provides a broad network of General Practitioners and Specialists in Ontario dedicated to serving our employer, insurance and legal clients
  • Wellington Medical Centre provides a single point of contact for co-ordination of appointments
  • We work together with employer, insurance and legal clients to schedule an IME that is timely, and meets their business needs
  • Wellington Medical Centre provides reliable, consistent and objective reporting
  • Clients can request expedited turnaround time for reports
  • Clients can request Functional Abilities Evaluations to assist with return to work, modified work and work accommodation
  • Clients can request the services of certified ergonomists to assist with workplace accommodation and prevention of injury.

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